D. Dos Santos Blenda vs. Dylan Colin How to watch, live stream and preview

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This week D. Dos Santos Blenda vs. Dylan Colin face to face at challenging boxing. On November 12, 2022, Dan Blenda Dos Santos was to challenge his title of French light heavyweight boxing champion, but his opponent forfeited. This is not the first time such a scenario has happened. Despite everything, nothing seems to destabilize him.

It is a rewarding portrait that is no less real. Because the boxer from Oise knows how to do it in the ring. He even became the French boxing champion, a title that he must put into play regularly. But each time, his opponents withdrew at the last minute. The fact remains that Dan Blenda Dos Santos remains invested in its preparation.

How to watch D. Dos Santos Blenda vs. Dylan Colin and Time:

The fight will start on Saturday, 12 November, at 02:00 PM ET

D. Dos Santos Blenda vs. Dylan Colin Fight Card:

  • D. Dos Santos  vs.  Dylan Colin
  • Stephane Bado  vs.  Soufian Rachid

D. Dos Santos Blenda vs. Dylan Colin What Said:

“Dan has respect for his opponent, he will never put the blow too much, he will fight to win but not beat to hurt his opponent”. This is how Thierry Carpentier, director of the Initial site in Ponte Sainte Maxence, describes his employee, Dan Blenda Dos Santos.

In all humility, it still shows a specific risk ahead. If it were an easy fight, they would come.

Dan Blenda Dos Santos, French light heavyweight boxing champion

The concern for the requirement

This Monday, October 17, training is intense at the Olympic Boxing Club of Pont Sainte Maxence (BCOP). Because the champion must stay in shape. “I’ve been trying to put myself in misery every time for a while now. I had a little click: I put myself in situations where I put all my energy into everything I do, and it shows because I end up dead”.

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At the beginning of August, he began “to reactivate the machine at the physical preparation level with a lot of bag sessions, weight training”. He was given the match date in early September – initially scheduled for November 12 – to defend his title. But with the package of his opponent Dylan Colin, the throw-in falls into the water.

However, this is important because it “establishes our position in France to show that we are not just a one-night champion: you have defended him several times so it is worth something”. But despite everything, he prefers to keep reserve: “it’s infuriating but there are reasons that push the guy not to come”.

I hope to box. I think my big strength is my mind compared to my opponents. I have to box and get in the ring to challenge my title of champion of France

Dan Blenda Dos Santos, French light heavyweight boxing champion
This mentality he has it both in the ring and outside. Dan Blenda Dos Santos isn’t a full-time boxer and can’t live off his passion right now. “Boxers can’t make a living from it, especially at Dan’s level and at France’s level, notes Thierry Carpentier. We don’t have the same structures as in countries like England, so inevitably, there isn’t does not have sufficient financial resources to support him”.

But thanks to his work as a delivery driver, he found “a good compromise”. A few weeks before a fight, his employer extends his rest periods and “gives him weeks”, which is “really accommodating” in the eyes of the champion.

Thierry Carpentier, who knows him both in training in the ring (they met at BCOP) and in the professional world, talks about the “two facets” of Dan: “a professional where he is very invested in his work, very pleasant and very polite, and then there’s Dan in the ring where there, it’s the panther, his instinct comes out and he is highlighted in the ring”.At BCOP, his trainer Giovanni Boggia shares the same requirement. Although the match is canceled, “there is no interruption of training, he insists. We train constantly, we never stop”.

He also points out that this cancellation does not only affect the star boxer, “it is the lot of an organizer because I am not only a trainer, we also organize with the club”. They also know that there can be packages “until the last minute”. Because if team sports can afford to put a substitute, “in an opposition sport, if there is no opponent, it’s dead.”

Giovanni Boggia and the whole club feel Dan’s frustration. They even share it. “Dan manages it as he can, like the leaders here. Because behind it are 30 volunteers, it’s a president, a treasurer, a treasurer and members of the office. We’re all on the bridge, there is a lot of work”.

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