WWE NXT Halloween Havoc 2022 all match preview, Where to watch & more

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The spooky season has arrived, and with it comes the NXT Halloween Havoc.

This Saturday, the NXT Championship will be at stake in a Triple Threat match, and a Superstar’s NXT future will be at stake in an Ambulance match. And there’ll be a fight between two ex-buddies in Weapons Wild.

NXT will scare us with decorations, three title matches, and a plethora of stipulations at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando for Spooky SZN. We’ve got a preview of the whole card and our picks for each match to get you pumped up!

How to watch NXT Halloween Havoc 2022?

You can watch it on Peacock.

Let’s evaluate the show’s advertised features and make some educated guesses about who will win the various bouts on the card.

Fight between Julius Creed and Damon Kemp

Ambulance match

More interesting than the primary gimmick of Damon Kemp vs Julius Creed’s Ambulance match is the secondary stipulation that if Kemp wins, Brutus Creed will leave NXT instead of his brother.

The WWE creative team must have a plan in place for the extremely rare occurrence of a Superstar having to fight for the career of someone other than themselves.

It’s easy for Julius to win. He exacts his vengeance on the villain and ends the feud once and for all. But what will happen to Brutus if Kemp does win?

No NXT UK exists, and it wouldn’t make sense to promote only some of the team to the main roster.

How about Roderick Strong? Will he act as if he’s getting revenge on Kemp for attacking him, or will he reveal that he’s been in on it with The Creed Brothers the whole time?

Finding a way to resurrect Brutus could be complicated, but it would be the more exciting outcome if you wanted to get people talking.

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Grayson Waller vs Apollo Crews

Turn the Wheel, and Strike a Deal

We won’t know the nature of their bout until the night of the event, but rest assured that it will serve as a platform for Grayson Waller. Waller has star potential, so pairing him with WWE veteran Apollo is an intelligent move. Strangely, Crews hasn’t been put in a match with Breakker immediately; hopefully, that will happen soon. However, his dealings with Waller may have dragged on for too long. Therefore, this should be the final straw, and the upstart should win (albeit dishonestly), so everyone can keep buying into the Grayson Waller experience.

Cora Jade vs Roxanne Perez

Weapons Wild match

Two young women with promising careers in WWE’s women’s division finally face off in a match where they can choose their weapons. Since betraying her former tag team partner, Cora Jade has been tormenting Perez, so this match has the air of a chance for Perez to get her revenge. Since Roxanne appears to be highly regarded by WWE already, and Cora isn’t far behind, this match has the potential to be remembered as an early meeting of two stars who could lead the next generation of females in WWE.

Comparison of Carmelo Hayes, Oro Mensah, Wes Lee, Von Wagner, and Nathan Frazer

National Championship NXT North America Ladder Match

Over the years, the North American Championship has become a popular venue for exciting and entertaining multi-man matches. This episode features a cast that includes longtime NXT 2.0 regulars like Hayes and Wagner and recent additions like Wagner and others. Even though Hayes is more likely to be kept on, Wes Lee is getting a lot of attention right now, and he exudes the kind of underdog charm that wins over talented people easily. This is especially true if Hayes is destined for more incredible things. There will be a lot of guest appearances, but the former MSK member will have a slim chance of winning.

The battle of Mandy Rose and Alba Fyre

Women’s Championship for NXT

Since NXT’s rebrand, Mandy Rose has become the show’s biggest draw. She went in as a bit of a main roster spare part but now carries herself like a champion and has improved both her in-ring work and promo chops. It’s no surprise that WWE has kept her dominant championship run going with her Toxic Attraction girls. However, this could be the point—after all, even the best things eventually end. Fyre set a new record for the longest reign as NXT UK Women’s champion and is currently the favourite to win the title back from Rose. Although I wouldn’t pick them, I suspect WWE has already made their decision.

Bron Breakker vs Ilja Dragunov vs JD McDonagh

To Win The NXT Title

NXT Champion Bron Breaker defended his title against two alums of NXT UK at the latest NXT big show. Having previously eliminated McDonagh and it being too soon for a Dragunov win, this would have appeared to be another notch on Bron’s championship reign before this week’s NXT. Even though Ilja pushes Breaker to his limits, Breaker will still win the match, and Mr Money in the Bank may cash in. Having Austin Theory cash in on the NXT Championship via his contract does wonders on multiple fronts, as it creates a new feud for Bron and grants him access to the main roster in the process.

Fast Results from WWE’s “NXT Halloween Havoc”

  • Ilja Dragunov vs. Bron Breakker vs. JD McDonagh
  • Mandy Rose vs Alba Fyre
  • Battle royale: Carmelo Hayes vs Oro Mensah vs Wes Lee vs Nathan Frazer vs Von Wagner
  • It’s Apollo Crews vs Grayson Waller.
  • Roxanne Perez versus Cora Jade
  • It’s Damon Kemp vs Julius Creed.

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