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At Okara Park on Saturday, October 15, 2022, the women’s team Scotland vs Australia is scheduled to play each other for the very first time in the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022. This match will kick off Australia’s participation in the competition.

The Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022 is now underway in its current iteration. The World Cup was originally scheduled to take place in 2021, however, because of COVID, it was moved to 2021 and will now take place in New Zealand. Fans are getting pumped up for the Women’s Rugby World Cup and are curious about how they can watch Scotland vs. Australia  Women’s Rugby World Cup.

How To Watch Scotland vs Australia Women’s Rugby World

Women’s Rugby World Cup Instructions for watching Scotland vs Australia at the Women’s Rugby World Cup.

The Women’s rugby from Australia and Scotland are preparing for their upcoming game on October 14, 2022. You can watch the live stream of Scotland vs Australia game on the ITV or BT Sport website by title and start viewing it immediately.

Australia Team preview

After a promising start to their Rugby World Cup opener against New Zealand, Australia had lost seven straight games. Because of a severe lack of uniformity on the field, they are unable to win games. If a team is not at its best in both halves, it has no chance of winning games. In their match against New Zealand, Australia played at an extremely high level. They jumped out to a 17-0 lead and looked like they might completely dominate their opponents.

New Zealand scored 41 unanswered points, however, and familiar problems resurfaced. Going up 17-0 is great, but it means nothing if your team can’t hold on to the lead. In the end, the Wallaroos were responsible for their own demise, as going down to 13 players would not have helped. Scotland, who lost to Wales in their first match, will now face Australia. While the game was exciting and decided by a late Welsh penalty, neither Wales nor Scotland are considered serious contenders for the World Cup, thus Australia must focus on getting back on track against Scotland as soon as possible.

Australia squad:

  • Lori Cramer
  • Bienne Terita
  • Georgina Friedrichs
  • Sharni Williams
  • Maya Stewart
  • Arabella McKenzie
  • Iliseva Batibasaga
  • Liz Patu
  • Adiana Talakai
  • Eva Karpani
  • Sera Naiqama
  • Atasi Lafai
  • Emily Chancellor
  • Shannon Parry (captain)
  • Grace Hamilton

Scotland Team preview

In their first World Cup play, Scotland was unlucky to only get a draw when a determined Welsh team came back from a goal down. As time expired and the score remained tied at 15-15, Wales’ Keira Bevan calmly walked up to the penalty spot and calmly kicked the ball through the uprights to give Wales the 18-15 victory. The stakes of the penalty kick were raised by the fact that Scotland may have taken the lead prior to its taking. The entire day of Helen Nelson’s struggle with her footwear prevented her from hearing the crucial exchange.

Scotland is shifting its focus to perfecting the basics. During the contest, Nelson had three shots at goal and failed on two penalties and a conversion. Things probably would have been different if these had succeeded. The Scottish gave up a penalty because they couldn’t maintain the ball after the restart and couldn’t stop the Welsh from scoring on the ground.

Scotland Squad:

  • Chloe Rollie
  • Rhona Lloyd
  • Emma Orr
  • Lisa Thomson
  • Hannah Smith
  • Helen Nelson
  • Caity Mattinson
  • Molly Wright
  • Lana Skeldon
  • Christine Belisle
  • Emma Wassell
  • Sarah Bonar
  • Rachel Malcolm (captain)
  • Rachel McLachlan
  • Jade Konkel-Roberts

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When exactly will the match Scotland vs Australia take place?

At Okara Park in Whangarei, New Zealand, on October 14, 2022, the women of Scotland and Australia will compete in a matchup against one another. At the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022, this will be the first game for the Australian Women’s team, while it will be the second game for the Scotland Women’s team in the Group stage of the competition.

When will the live match Scotland vs Australia take place, and what time is it?

Scotland vs Australia Women’s match will be broadcast live on the internet beginning at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (ET), which is 3:00 PM in Scotland and 1:00 AM in Australia and New Zealand.

What is the prediction for the match Scotland vs Australia?

Women’s Rugby Match: Scotland vs Australia The game that will take place on October 14, 2022, the women’s forecast is that Australia will win the game by a significant margin. The women’s team from Australia has an 82.2% chance of coming out on top, while the women’s team from Scotland only has a 16.8% chance of taking the trophy home. It is anticipated that Australia would win the match with a score of 11–21.

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