Speedway Grand Prix 2022: How to Watch Live, Race Dates, Locations, and More

by Christina S. Brown
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The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix season will see races taking place in Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Czechia and Oceania. The season will begin on 2022 Saturday, April 30, in Wrocław, and end on Saturday, 2022 November 5, in Bydgoszcz.

Speedway Grand Prix 2022 Preview:

This will be the first season of the Speedway Grand Prix to be promoted by Discovery Sports Events, who took over the series from BSI Speedway in January 2021. The company is a subsidiary of Discovery Inc., which also owns Eurosport.

Artem Laguta of Russia will be the defending champion, having won his second World Championship title at the 2020 Torun SGP. The other main contenders for the 2021 title include Bartosz Zmarzlik, Tai Woffinden, Maciej Janowski and Emil Sayfutdinov.

The 2022 FIM Speedway Grand Prix kicks out this spring with 12 thrilling rounds of racing to determine who will be crowned champion at the end of the season.
The season begins on April 30 in Gorican, Croatia, and concludes on November 5 at an Oceania location yet to be determined.

How Does The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix Work?

A series of 12 Speedway motorcycle races with 16 riders from throughout varithroughouthe course of a season.
At the end of the season, the rider with the most points is declared Speedway world champion.

How to Watch Live The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix:

Discovery+ will live the entire race and everything, with ad-free coverage of every race and interactive services.

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The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix Format and Scoring:

Every round will see the 16 riders race against each other over 20 heats. Each heat will feature four riders riding four laps around the track.
Each heat’s winner receives four points, with second place receiving two points, third place receiving one point, and last place receiving zero points.
The top eight riders after the heats advance to two semi-finals, with the top two from each semi facing off in the final.
The winning rider receives 20 championship points; second place receives 18; third place receives 16, and fourth place receives 14 points.
Riders who finish third in each semi-final receive 11 or 12 points depending on who scored higher in the heats, and riders who finish fourth receive nine or ten points.
The world champion is the rider with the most points at the end of the season.
Riders who finish third in each semi-final receive 11 or 12 points depending on who scored higher in the heats, and fourth-placed semi-finalists receive nine or ten points.
Riders ranked ninth and below after 20 heats are granted championship points from each race on a sliding scale, with the ninth-place rider receiving eight points and the 16th-place rider receiving one point.
The world champion is the rider with the most points at the end of the season.
To separate riders on equal points, most race victories are considered first, but if they are also identical, second, third, and fourth places are considered.

The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix Competitors:

The top six riders from the previous year’s series qualify automatically, but 2021 champion Artem Laguta and third-place Emil Sayfutdinov will not compete due to an FIM ban on Russian athletes. Both of them have been replaced.
The top six are joined by three riders from the Grand Prix Challenge series and the previous year’s Speedway European Championship winner.
The competition organizers suggest five more riders, and the main 16-rider lineup is completed by one wild card.
In illness, accident, or other absences from the leading group, five additional riders are nominated as substitutes, with two selected as track reserves for each racing round.

The entire lineup  2022 Speedway Grand Prix:

  • Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland)
  • Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
  • Maciej Janowski (Poland)
  • Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom)
  • Leon Madsen (Denmark)
  • Jason Doyle (Australia)
  • Robert Lambert (United Kingdom)
  • Anders Thomsen (Denmark)
  • Martin Vaculík (Slovakia)
  • Paweł Przedpełski (Poland)
  • Max Fricke (Australia)
  • Patryk Dudek (Poland)
  • Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark)
  • Jack Holder (Australia)
  • Dan Bewley (United Kingdom)
Substitute riders
  • Andžejs Ļebedevs (Latvia)
  • Jakub Miśkowiak (Poland)
  • Mads Hansen (Denmark)
  • Luke Becker (United States)
  • David Bellego (France)

The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix Race Schedule:

There are currently 12 events planned. However, due to the political situation surrounding Russia and Ukraine, FIM Speedway has announced that the race scheduled for July 9 will not take place in Togliatti. A new location has not yet been determined.

  • 1 – 30 Apr Croatia – Stadium Millennium, Gorican
  • 2 – 14 May Poland – Stadion Narodowy, Warsaw
  • 3 – 28 May Czech Republic – Markéta Stadium, Prague
  • 4 – 4 Jun Germany – Bergring Arena, Teterow
  • 5 – 25 Jun Poland – Edward Jancarz Stadium, Gorzow
  • 6 – 9 Jul TBA
  • 7 – 13 Aug United Kingdom – Principality Stadium, Cardiff
  • 8 – 27 Aug Poland – Olympic Stadium, Wrocław
  • 9 – 10 Sep Denmark – Vojens Speedway Center, Vojens
  • 10 – 17 Sep Sweden – G&B Arena, Malila
  • 11 – 1 Oct Poland – Rose Motoarena, Torun
  • 12 – 5 Nov Oceania – TBA

The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix Bikes:

Speedway bikes have 500cc engines that run on pure methanol and no brakes, so riders take curves and turns by sliding into the track’s dirt.
The bikes have one fixed gear, and teams can make adjustments during the race to improve performance.
Riders can bring as many bikes as they desire to a SpeedwayGP round.

The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix Qualifying:

Qualifying is held on the same day as the race and gives the rider the first option of starting the number.
Every rider will start at least once from each of the four gates but from one gate twice. Qualifying practice allows them to ensure that they have the right starting positions at the right time.
Riders take to the track in three groups, attempting to complete the fastest laps in three two-minute blocks. The cyclist with the fastest lap wins the first choice of starting number for the event. Second place chooses next, and so on until sixteenth place determines last.

The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix Race Rules:

Each race features four riders, each wearing a red, blue, white, or yellow helmet. The rider in red begins on the inside of gate one, the rider in blue starts on the outside of gate two, the rider in white begins on the inside of gate three, and the rider in yellow starts outside gate four.
All riders must be ready to compete when the referee’s two-minute countdown clock reaches zero. Otherwise, they will be disqualified.
The green light places them under the starter’s orders, and once the tapes are released, the race begins!

When the tapes are up, the four riders battle it out over four blazing laps in roughly a minute of tough racing.
If a rider falls, the race is called off. If this happens on the first turn, the referee can invite everyone back for a restart if they consider no one was at fault.
If a rider crosses the white inside line completely with both wheels or leaves the circuit, they are considered to have retired from the race unless they left the track to take necessary evasive action (e.g., to avoid a fallen rider).


Failure to be race ready when the two-minute clock strikes zero
Touching the beginning tape before releasing it (Official warning for movement but not touching the video)
Being responsible for another rider’s fall

Final Word:

In conclusion, the 2022 Speedway Grand Prix will be a historical event. It will be the first time the Speedway Grand Prix World Championship has been held in Poland in 15 years. The event will occur at the Polonia Stadium, a world-class speedway stadium.

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