NFL Pro Bowl 2023: How to watch, Date, Time, Preview & More

by Kent Green
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In 2023, a flag football game will take the place of the traditional NFL Pro Bowl 2023, but multiple games will be played. It won’t be two, that’s for sure.

As part of the Pro Bowl Games 2023, a week-long series of competitions between the AFC and NFC, the National Football League (NFL) has announced that three flag football games will take place on Sunday, February 5.

Take a look at the categories of skills, along with their explanations, the dates on which the competition will be held, and the competitors who will be taking part in each event:

Date and Time of Pro Bowl 2023 Event

  • Date: Thursday, February 2 and Sunday, February 5 | Times: 7-8:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on Thursday, and noon-1:30 p.m. on Sunday (3 p.m. ET)
  • Location: Allegiant Stadium and the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center — Las Vegas, Nevada

How to watch Pro Bowl 2023 Live

Pro Bowl 2023 Preview

Have you ever wished you could watch the best players in the NFL compete in games of water balloon toss and dodgeball? The first-ever Pro Bowl Games, which will take place in 2023, will feature various competitions ranging from lighthearted to more serious. The skills competition will start on February 2 at 7:30–8:30 p.m. Eastern Time and continue through February 5. (3 p.m. ET).

In addition, this year’s Pro Bowl will conclude with a game of flag football between players from the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

On Thursday, the skills competition will be held at the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center, which serves as the headquarters and practice facility for the Las Vegas Raiders. The competition will then move to the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium on Sunday.

The players will compete in various skill categories to accumulate a score before the flag football games. This score will be based on their overall performance throughout the competition. The overall score of the team representing the conference that prevails in each skills competition will be increased by three points. There are a total of 24 points up for grabs in this game.

The league has announced that in addition to flag football, there will be three other competitions taking place on Sunday:

The Gridiron Gauntlet is a full-field relay race featuring six players from the AFC and six from the NFC.
Move the Chains is a competition for offensive and defensive linemen that tests their strength and speed.
The two individuals who garnered the most votes from the audience in Thursday’s skills competition will square off against one another in the “Best Catch” final round.

The flag football games will be played seven-on-seven, each lasting twenty minutes and divided into halves that last ten minutes. All of the games will be played on a field that is 50 yards long and has end zones that are the standard 10 yards wide. After scoring a touchdown, each team can convert for an additional point from the 5-yard line. Touchdowns will be worth six points each.

A skills competition will also be held as part of the Pro Bowl Games on February 2, including a cumulative scoring component that will be revealed later. This competition will take place on Thursday. It is anticipated that additional information regarding the skills competitions and the schedule for the week will be released in the coming months.

After years of players expressing worries about the safety of the exhibition game and fans expressing dissatisfaction with the poor level of play, the National Football League (NFL) decided to revamp the Pro Bowl in September completely.

The National Football League (NFL) hopes to reignite the interest of both fans and players in the competition by reimagining the event as more of a party than a competition.

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