NFL Games Live Stream: How to Watch NFL Live Online Free easier way

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As the 2022 NFL season kicks off, cord-cutters will have various options for watching each week’s games online. Let’s discuss NFL games.

The NFL’s streaming options continue to grow yearly, and this season is no exception. NFL+, the league’s new premium streaming service, provides fans with additional viewing alternatives for most regular season games. It is still possible to watch most NFL games on the major U.S. broadcast networks via the other major live TV streaming providers and NFL+.

According to the alternatives above, fans will have no shortage of ways to watch NFL games online this year. The big streaming providers do have free trials while charging monthly fees. You can watch a lot of the NFL this season for free if you plan.

Most streaming sites provide access to local broadcasts of National Football League games. However, other live-streaming alternatives depend on the network that is airing the game. It is important to note that this season is the first year “Thursday Night Football” has been made accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

We have you covered by providing a comprehensive rundown of all available live-streaming choices for NFL games on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

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NFL live streams

Live streams for Sunday NFL games

Streaming links to Sunday NFL games that can be seen in your area can be found below. On Sundays, there are typically three games shown locally.

Fox’s games will be broadcast on and the Fox Sports app, while in your area, CBS’s games will be shown on Paramount Plus, which CBS owns. NFL+, the league’s new exclusive streaming service, will allow fans to watch local regular season games on their smartphones and tablets this year. Also, All NFL Games can be streamed on FuboTV

Thursday night football live streams.

“Exclusive broadcast rights for Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime TV have been secured.” beginning with the 2022 NFL season. Fifteen National Football League games will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime from Weeks 2 through 16.

The local markets of the participating teams will receive free television broadcasts of the games. Amazon Prime membership is required for out-of-market customers to watch “Thursday Night Football.”

Sunday Night Football live streams.

This year, “Sunday Night Football” returns to NBC, and the network’s streaming service, Peacock TV, will provide a live streaming option for each game.

The alternate ways that fans can watch “Sunday Night Football” online in 2022 are listed below. The NFL’s new exclusive streaming service, NFL+, allows users to watch primetime games on their smartphones and tablets.

Monday Night Football’s live streams

In 2022, ESPN will air “Monday Night Football” once again for an entire season. In addition to the streaming sites listed below, viewers can watch “Monday Night Football” on ESPN’s website and app.

The NFL’s new exclusive streaming service, NFL+, allows users to watch primetime games on their smartphones and tablets.

Can I tune in to NFL games on Youtube TV?

Yes. Streamers can watch most primetime shows and all sports from their local markets because Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN are all available on YouTube TV.

A package of YouTube TV includes NFL Redzone.

Can I tune in to NFL games on Hulu?

Yes. Streamers can watch games in their local markets and at primetime on Hulu because the service carries Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN.)

Can I tune in to NFL games on Sling TV?

It’s true, but it’s not true for every game. While ESPN is available in both the Orange and Blue Sling TV bundles, Fox and NBC are only available in some areas.

If a local game is shown on CBS and unavailable on Sling TV, you won’t be able to watch it in your area.

Is it possible to watch NFL games on fuboTV?

Yes. As all major networks (Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN) are included, FuboTV subscribers may watch every game broadcast in their area and nearly every game published in the country.

Where and how to watch NFL games online in Canada

DAZN is the only service that provides live coverage of all NFL games in Canada. The streaming service is available on all smart TVs, mobile devices, laptops, and game consoles.

The possibility to Use NFL RedZone and NFL Game Pass is included with a DAZN subscription in Canada. In other words, this means that viewers can enjoy seven hours of commercial-free football live on Sundays, and they will also be able to watch live on-demand replays of games with the Game Pass subscription service.


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