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Already this Saturday 25.2. the tournament will be the first tournament of the Polish organization KSW 79 in the Czech Republic. It will take place in the Home Credit Arena in Liberec. In the main event, we will see a battle for the heavyweight title between the champion Phil De Fries and Todd Duffe, who is still the author of the fastest knockout in the UFC heavyweight division.

Of course, you can also look forward to domestic wrestlers Dominik Hamburger, Petra Částková, David Hošek, Frederic Komuenha and Slovaks Tomáš Možného and Matyas Vyszlay. How did the wrestlers do at today’s official weigh-in? Today’s public weigh-in takes place from 18:00 at the CS Club in Liberec.

Where and When KSW 79 Start:

  • Date: Saturday 25 February 2023
  • Start Time: 01:00 PM ET
  • Venue: Home Credit Arena, Liberec, Czech Republic

How to watch KSW 79 Live Online:

Viewers around the world can watch the action live on the following channels and here for free:

KSW 79 Preview:

All competitors taking part in Saturday’s KSW 79 gala were within the weight limits. The champion, Phil de Fries, was 11 kilos heavier than the challenger, Todd Duffee. Fighting in the second fight of the evening, Dominik Hamburger was slightly lighter than the Brazilian, Jorge Bueno.

The KSW organization would like to invite fans to the official weigh-in before the KSW 79 gala, which will take place on Friday, February 24 at the CS Club at the Home Credit Arena in Liberec. The ceremony will start at 18:00. Entrance for fans will be free

Although the card has undergone several changes, there are several attractions that will surely attract fans. So we know all nine fights, in which we will also see the battle for the title between Phil De Fries and Todd Duffe, who is still the author of the fastest KO in the UFC heavyweight. Moreover, he had already beaten De Fries once. In 2012, at UFC 155, Duffee knocked out Phil De Fries in 124 seconds. So the revenge will have an interesting charge.

In the end, KSW 79 the main preliminary match will be provided by domestic wrestler Dominik Humburger, who will face Jorge Bueno. The fight between David Hošek and the strong Swede Andreas Gustafsson will also be interesting.

Todd Duffee has plenty of gas remaining in the tank.

The former heavyweight champion of the UFC will fight again on Saturday, and he expects this to be the beginning of a protracted career. Duffee (9-3) will face the winner Philip De Fries in a rematch in the main event of KSW 79 in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Duffee, who is currently 37 years old, still thinks he can compete with the top fighters as well as those who are just starting out, despite being gone from the ring for more than three years.

MMA Junkie Radio quoted Duffee as saying, “My brain is still here, my reflexes are still here, and my physicality and athleticism are still here – and you’ll definitely see that on display (Saturday).” “I think I have five to six years left.

I haven’t received many disciplines, as you said. I last checked the UFC heavyweights’ typical ages about two years ago, and they were 36 on average. I, therefore, don’t think I’m too elderly or anything of the sort. I experience strong competition. I don’t see any young 20-year-olds who are physically stronger than me, so I feel fairly secure in that regard.

In 2012 at UFC 155, Duffee and De Fries last squared off. Duffee defeated De Fries that evening in Las Vegas in just over two minutes to earn the $50,000 prize for Knockout of the Night.

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Ten years later, Duffee observes a better De Fries but not a different combatant.

“In my opinion, Phil is very resilient. When we first battled, I thought he was tough, Dufee said. What Phil said in his own talks is something I can tell you. He says he has overcome his anxiety and that his use of anxiety medication and anxiety management has had a significant positive impact on his work.

Has he evolved? He has grown up, yes. It seems like he’s become much more physically aggressive. Although he has improved as a combatant, Phil De Fries is still very much a part of him. There is only so much you can alter. He has undoubtedly matured, but I’m not sure how much he has altered.

KSW 79 Fight Card:

  • Phil De Fries  vs.  Todd Duffee
  • Dominik Humburger  vs.  Jorge Bueno
  • Tomáš Možný  vs.  Arkadiusz Wrzosek
  • Brian Hooi  vs.  Jivko Stoimenov
  • David Hošek  vs.  A. Gustafsson
  • Michał Kita  vs. Daniel Omielańczuk
  • Ramzan Jembiev  vs.  Murilo Delfino
  • F. Komuenha  vs.  Matyas Viszlay
  • Petra Částková  vs.  N. Baczyńska-Krawiec

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