Babilon MMA 32: Rusiński vs. Siwiec How to Watch, Live Stream, Fight Card and more

by Christina S. Brown
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On November 11, during the National Independence Day, at the Babilon MMA 32 gala in Radom, we will meet a new champion of the welterweight category. Konrad Rusiński (4-0) and Łukasz Siwiec (7-1) will face the evening fight, and the winner of this duel will win the belt packed in 2021 by Daniel Skibiński. Tickets for this event are now available on the Eventim website. As always, broadcast on Polsat group channels and Polsat Box Go.

How to Watch Babilon MMA 32:

You can watch Babilon MMA 32 here exclusive all-fight card.

Babilon MMA 32 Preview:

The clash between Siwiec and Rusiński could have occurred in March or April, but for various reasons, the duel was announced only at the June Babilon MMA 29 gala in Radom. Back then, the fight was supposed to have elimination status, but we will finally see it “only” on November 11 at the Babilon MMA 32 gala – this time with the championship belt in the field. It will be a match between a wrestler and a grappler, but both players have versatile cross-cutting skills and feel good on many levels.

Fighting for the belt already in my fifth appearance is a great honor, but I deserved it with my dominant victories. I am focusing solely on this challenge. I know I have a great opportunity, and if I can win the belt, there will be many avenues for my career. My opponent has a lot of strengths, such as stand-up, takedowns, net control, and knees. He also has weaknesses, but he will leave them to himself – says Konrad Rusiński. The latter has excellent physical conditions; in three previous performances for the Babilon, the MMA organization recorded three sure victories, including two in the first installment.

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Much lower Siwiec has only one defeat in the record – in 2019, he lost toTymoteusz Łopaczykiem (9-3) at Army Fight Night 6. Since then, he has been undefeated and scored three sure wins ahead of time at Babilon MMA 32 galas – twice after suffocation and once due to stopping a fight with a doctor. In the “Koloseum” program, the host Łukasz Jurkowski referred to an earlier conversation with Łopaczyk, who is already willing to meet the winner and the new champion, Babilon MMA, in the welterweight category. Both participants in the fight of the evening of the Babilon MMA 32 gala confirmed their readiness to fight such a duel in the first defense of the belt in 2023. – This fight is only delayed in time, but it will come to it – claims nearly 31-year-old Łukasz Siwiec.

On the Babilon MMA 32 fights card, we will see eight fights in the MMA formula – 6 rows will take place in the PRO formula, while the other two are semi-pro fights.

The main dish of Friday’s event will be the fight for the division belt up to 77 kilograms. 31-year-old Radomian, Łukasz Siwiec (7-1) will try to maintain the winning series and defeat the so-far unbeaten player from Włodawa, Konrad Rusiński (4-0).

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In the co-main event, spurred by eight wins in a row, Marcin Jabłoński (11-2) will have the chance to fight for the title in a duel with a former lightweight contender, Ukrainian representative Ivan Vulchin (11-5).

In tomorrow’s third most crucial fight, we will see the favorite of the audience returning to the cage after two defeats, Damian Zuba (4-4). It will not be an easy fight for the RKT Radom representative because Filip Lamparski will stand in front of him on the wave of four wins in a row (5-2).

It is worth adding that during this event, in one of the semi-pro fights, we will see one of the most talented MMA fighters in Poland. Only 17-year-old Daria Brzozowska has already won 13 amateur formulas. Last year, she was chosen as the best player in the Amateur MMA League, while in 2020, she represented Poland at the European Championships, where she won two matches. The competitor who trains in Bydgoszcz daily is a great hope for mixed martial arts in our country.

Babilon MMA 32 Fight Card:

  • Konrad Rusiński  vs.  Łukasz Siwiec
  • Marcin Jabłoński  vs.  Ivan Vulchin
  • Damian Zuba  vs.  Filip Lamparski
  • Przemysław Górny  vs.  K. Korzeniowski
  • Bartłomiej Nowak  vs.  Krystian Szczęsny
  • Dominik Tkaczyk  vs.  Adam Fidkowski
  • Bartosz Stawinoga  vs.  Kordian Wacław
  • Daria Brzozowska  vs.  Wiktoria Andruch
  • Aleksy Nowak  vs.  Michał Bergman

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