Krush 142: Miyuu Sugawara vs. Chan Lee How to watch Lvie stream, fight preview, start time and date and more

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Krush 142, which will be held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on Friday, October 28th, will be broadcast live on ABEMA Fighting Channel from 17:30.

The main event of the tournament was the [Krush Women’s Atomweight Title Match], where the champion, Miyu Sugawara (K-1 Gym Sangenjaya Silver Wolf), faced Chan Lee (K-1 Gym Gotanda Team Kings) as the challenger. Challenge the second defensive battle.

In the semi-finals, Shuji Kawarata (K-1 Gym General Headquarters Team Pegasus) and Shoya (Shikon Murakami Juku) will face each other in the lightweight class, and in the eighth match, Kiri Matsutani (ALONZA ABLAZE) and Taiyo Shirahata (FLYSKY GYM) will face off in the bantamweight class. play against.

In addition, Tsubasa Horii (K-1 Gym Gotanda Team Kings), also known as “Mr. Yaritai Hodai”, will appear in the first match, and will face SATORU Narigo (K-1 Gym General Headquarters Team Pegasus) in the lightweight class.

Krush 142 How to Watch Live:

Date and Time: Friday, October 28, 2022, 17:30-21:30
TV Channel: ABEMA Fighting Channel

Krush 142 Fight Card Preview:

A different pattern of Sugawara vs. Chan Lee visual  Krush women’s atomweight title match 3 minutes 3R extension 1R, champion Miyu Sugawara (K-1 Gym Sangenjaya Silver Wolf) vs. challenger Chan・ Lee (K-1 Gym Gotanda Team Kings). The two smiles are like beauty models, and the imbalance with the catchphrase of “over 70% down rate martial arts” gives an impact. Sugawara made his professional debut in January 2019 after working as a K-1 amateur. She suffered her first loss in her second fight, but went undefeated after that, becoming the 3rd Krush Women’s Atomweight Championship in the finals of the “Women’s Atomweight Championship Determination Tournament” in November 2020. She graduated from beauty technical school in March 2020 and is working as a “fighting beautician”. After five consecutive wins, she lost by a decision in her first match with MIO in May 2021, but in the rematch in the title match in November, she took revenge and succeeded in her first defense with a decision win. She successfully defended her title for the second time in February of this year, defeating Yu. At the K-1 Women’s Tournament in June, she defeated Aoi Matsutani in the “K-1 WORLD GP First Women’s Atomweight Championship Tournament”, but lost to Payaphone in the final. Her record is 9 wins and 3 losses. Chan Lee participated in the K-1 JAPAN GROUP competition for the first time from “KHAOS.6” in September 2018, and she is active as a main player in the women’s atom class. At Krush-EX in June 2021, she snatched a 2-1 decision victory from prospective JK Hope’s Sayona , but at Krush in November she won Mako Yamada .Lost judgment. In January 2020, she won against the up-and-coming Kiho, and at the K-1 Women’s Tournament in June, she took her first KO victory from Sayonasu, giving her a record of 7 wins (1 KO) and 7 losses. 1 minute. The two fought in July 2019, and Sugawara won by decision at this time. It will be a rematch for the first time in about three years.

Krush 142 Fight Card:

  • Miyuu Sugawara  vs.  Chan Lee 99 lbs
  • Shuji Kawarada  vs.  Shoya 138 lbs
  • Satoru Nariai  vs.  Tsubasa Horii 138 lbs
  • Kiri Matsutani  vs.  Taiyo Shirahata 117 lbs
  • Yuto Kuroda  vs.  Eiki Kurata 121 lbs
  • Tatsuki Morinaga  vs.  Kenshin Kodama 138 lbs
  • Kokoro Terashima  vs.  Riku Yamamoto 127 lbs
  • Daisuke Fujimura  vs.  Yashazaru 154 lbs
  • Yoichi Yamazaki  vs.  Alan Soares 154 lbs
  • Daiki Kaneko  vs.  Koki Akada 132 lbs
  • Yuki Toyota  vs.  Juki Sakamoto 121 lbs
  • Haru Furumiya  vs.  Ryunosuke 138 lbs

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