ISU Junior Grand Prix Poland 2022: Figure Skating Results, Fixtures & Streaming

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The ISU Junior Grand Prix Poland will take place in Gdańsk, Poland from September 29-October 1. This will be the first of two back-to-back competitions. All four disciplines will be contested.

Preview of ISU Junior Grand Prix Poland

The first of two consecutive competitions will take place in Gdansk, Poland, from September 29 through October 01. The 2017 and 2021 Junior Grand Prix competitions were held in this city. There will be competitions in all four categories.

Skaters who had been slated to compete in the Yerevan, Armenia event have been redistributed to other Junior Grand Prix events due to the cancellation of that competition. There will be a lot of waiting around as the current lines feature 29 men, 49 women, 10 pairs, and 24 ice dance teams.

The men’s field features the Ostrava champion Nozomu Yoshioka of Japan, the bronze medalist Royoga Morimoto of Japan, and the silver medalist Younghyun Cha of South Korea from Week 1 of the Series in Courchevel. French junior athlete Francois Pitot, coached by Florent Amodio, is competing for the third year.

Alec Guinzbourg, competing in his fourth JGP season, and Rio Morito, making his international debut, are the guys Canada has sent to Gdansk. The United States has sent Michael Xie (ranked fifth in Courchevel), Lucas Broussard, and Joseph Klein to compete.

Mao Shimada of Japan, who won by a landslide in Ostrava, will compete in this event, hoping to add a second consecutive victory to her resume in the women’s division. U.S. skier Clare Seo placed sixth at her debut competition in Courchevel, so she’ll be fighting for a podium finish. Canadian representative Kara Yun is set to make her overseas debut.

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Champions to beat in the pairs competition are the Australian duo of Anastasia Golubeva and Hector Giatopolous Moore, who won silver at the World Junior Championships last year. Impressively placing fourth in Ostrava was the new Japanese pair on the circuit, Haruna Murakami and Sumitada Moriguchi.

When several teams compete in the ice dance category, the stakes are high because only one can advance to the Grand Prix Final. France’s Celina Fradji and Jean-Hans Fourneaux, the United States Phebe Bekker and James Hernandez, Japan’s Nao Kida and Masaya Morita, and Ukraine’s Mariia Pinchuk and Mykyta Pogorielov all won medals in Ostrava for their respective medal events (bronze in Riga).

All competitors will need to perform at their highest level to compete with Canadians Nadiia Bashynska and Peter Beaumont, the current World Junior bronze medalists. Laura Hegarty and Kevin Hegarty, a brother-and-sister team, are also competing. They created history in Courchevel as the first team from the Republic of Ireland to compete in the discipline at the Junior Grand Prix level.

How to watch ISU Junior Grand Prix Poland

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Official Schedule of ISU Junior Grand Prix Poland

September 29th Thursday:

Women’s Junior Singles Short Program (Event 1/2) – 9:00 a.m.

Time: 16:15 Short Mixed-Pairs Program (Event 1/2).

Short Program (Event 1/2) for Men’s Junior Singles at 18:20

September 30th Friday:

Time: 9:00 a.m. Ice Dance Rhythm Junior Mixed (Event 1/2)

Event 2 of the Mixed Pairs Free Skating Competition is at 12:50.

Junior Ladies’ Singles Free Skate (Event 2 of 2)

October 1st Saturday: 

Time: 12:15 p.m. Event 2: Men’s Junior Singles Free Skate

17:00 – Free Dance on Junior Ice (Event 2/2) for Boys and Girls

The final cut

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