World Challenge Cup Szombathely 2022 Artistic Gymnastics Top thing you need to know

by Christina S. Brown
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Another weekend, another competition cup World Challenge Cup Szombathely! Albeit the tournament will not be as large or as extravagant as it was in Paris last weekend, we can expect several top athletes to compete on each apparatus, including a hugely strong Hungarian team – through one of its top members will be missing.

Zsofia Kovacs, the European vault champion, withdrew from the competition after suffering a torn abdominal muscle while practicing last week. The injury, which also led her to withdraw from the Paris competition, is supposedly mild, with Kovacs and her coaches deciding not to risk anything here with the world championships being the primary goal.

Instead, Lilla Makai, a first-year senior, will compete on bars alongside Zoja Szekely, who will also compete on vault. Greta Mayer will compete on the WAG team’s vault, beam, and floor. In contrast, Mirtill Makovits will compete on the beam and floor. Nikolett Szilagyi, who finished seventh in the beam final at the Paris Challenge Cup, will perform exhibition routines on the vault and floor.

On the men’s side World Challenge Cup, we’ll see Krisztofer Meszaros compete on floor, pommels, and vault, Krisztian Balazs compete on p-bars and high bar, Benedek Tomcsanyi compete on pommels and rings, Botond Kardos compete on floor and p-bars, David Vecsernyes compete on high bar, and Balazs Kiss compete on rings, with exhibitions from Szabolcs B

The United States has three WAG athletes competing here, including Addison Fatta, Katelyn Jong, and Levi Jung-Ruivivar. She will be an outlier for reaching the world’s squad but should be a medal contender in almost every event. Maisa Kuusikko and Ada Hautala of Finland will be among those to watch, with Kuusikko particularly strong on bars and Hautala hoping to improve her consistency on beam and floor in preparation for worlds. At the same time, Jessica Dowling and Sydney Turner of Canada will also be standouts across the board.

Teja Belak of Slovenia is on the vault, Barbora Mokosova of Slovakia is on bars, Natalia Escalera of Mexico is on the vault and bars, Paulina Campos of Mexico is on bars and beam, Aneta Holasova of the Czech Republic is on the vault and floor (but I’m hoping she’ll hit beam here after struggling a bit in recent months), her teammate Lucie Trnkova is on beam and floor, and Ada Ogieglo of Poland is on floor.

Ukraine will have Illia Kovtun back on every apparatus, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes every final. I’ll also be watching Artem Dolgopyat of Israel on floor and vault, as well as his teammate Alexander Myakinin on high bar, Milad Karimi of Kazakhstan on floor and vault, as well as his teammate Nariman Kurbanov on pommels, Heath Thorpe of Australia on the floor, as well as his teammate Vedant Sawant on pommels, Matvei Petrov of Albania on pommels, Ahmad Abu Al Soud of Jordan on pomme.

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I also enjoy watching the World Challenge Cup Alexander Benda of Austria and David Huddleston of Bulgaria on everything. The Brits here, Pavel Karnejenko and Adam Tobin should also be strong across the board. Even though Japan has sent a “B team,” we’re going to see a ton of high-scoring routines from all of these guys, especially with Hiramatsu Koga on the floor, Yoshida Motomu on high bar, and Haruki Minori on rings and p- Taiwan also has a formidable team, with execution king Tang Chia-Hung, Shiao Yu-Jan, and Lin Guan-Yi all set to make an impression.

When Will It Take Place World Challenge Cup in Szombathely?

The full schedule of World Challenge Cup Hungary is available here, including with links to start lists. All times are in Szombathely (CEST), six hours ahead of Eastern Time.

3:00 pmWAG & MAG Qualifications
3:00 pmWAG VT & UB Finals
MAG FX, PH & SR Finals
3:00 pmWAG BB & FX Finals
MAG VT, PH & HB Finals

How can I Watch World Challenge Cup in Szombathely?

Both the qualifiers and the finals will be televised live on the website of the Hungarian Federation (they usually embed the stream at the top of the homepage) World Challenge Cup Hungary. You could need a VPN to watch, but you might not, so…prepare just in case?

There is currently no information on live scores available in World Challenge Cup Hungary. However, we will be live blogging every round of the competition and sharing scores as they come in on the stream.

The Competitors World Challenge Cup in Szombathely:

The following is the official list of all competitors who are slated to compete World Challenge Cup Hungary.

Matvei Petrov
Jose Caballero
Marcus Casamento
Alan Osman
Vedant Sawant
Kiplin Smith
Heath Thorpe
Alexander Benda
Xheni Dyrmishi
Vinzenz Höck
Ricardo Rudy
Daniel Zander
Yordan Aleksandrov
Dimitar Dimitrov
David Huddleston
Mathieu Csukassy
Charles-Etienne Legare
Leandre Sauve
Jessica Dowling
Sydney Turner
Marko Sambolec
Mateo Zugec
Tijana Korent
Nika Kukuljan Frleta
Sara Sulekic
Tina Zelcic
Ondrej Kalny
Radomir Sliz
Aneta Holasova
Lucie Trnkova
Ada Hautala
Maisa Kuusikko
Pavel Karnejenko
Adam Tobin
Lee Man Hin
Ng Ka Ki
Vanessa Wong
Krisztian Balazs
Botond Kardos
Balazs Kiss
Krisztofer Meszaros
Benedek Tomcsanyi
David Vecsernyes
Szabolcs Batori (exhibition)
Marton Kovacs (exhibition)
Lilla Makai
Mirtill Makovits
Gerta Mayer
Zoja Szekely
Nikolett Szilagyi (exhibition
Artem Dolgopyat
Pavel Gulidov
Ilia Liubimov
Alexander Myakinin
Uri Zeidel
Ahmad Abu Al Soud
Saleem Naghouj
Emata Azusa
Haruki Minori
Hiramatsu Koga
Tanabe Soichiro
Yoshida Motomu
Ilyas Azizov
Milad Karimi
Nariman Kurbanov
Dmitriy Patanin
Isaac NuñezPaulina Campos
Natalia Escalera
Mathieu Clatin
Daniel Stoddart
Anna Gemza
Emilia Kulczynska
Ada Ogieglo
Ivan Dejanovic
Dusan Djordjevic
Petar Velickovic
Matej NemcovicBarbora Mokosova
Sara Surmanova
Anze HribarTeja Belak
Thierno Diallo
Jorge Rubio
Hung Yuan-Hsi
Lin Guan-Yi
Shiao Yu-Jan
Tang Chia-Hung
Tseng Wei-Sheng
Yeh Cheng
Lai Pin-Ju
Pantely Kolodii
Illia Kovtun
Mykyta Melnykov
Addison Fatta
Katelyn Jong
Levi Jung-Ruivivar
Ahmed Saleh Al Kumami
Mahmood Abdullah Al Maolegi
Abdulaziz Al Maswari
Muaadh Abdullah Dehaq

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