IPL franchises ask 6 English players to quit international cricket: Everything you need to knoww

by Kent Green
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However, the report fails to identify the specific franchises that have made overtures or the specific players who are part of those discussions.
The ‘Times London’ alleged that the owners of major IPL teams are attempting to entice as many as six elite England players to retire from international cricket in exchange for lucrative yearly contracts of up to £5 million.
Nearly all of the ten IPL teams now play in other leagues, such as the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) in the West Indies, the South African Twenty20 (SA T20), the Global T20 League (UAE), and the soon-to-be-launched Major League T20 in the United States.

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However, the report does not specify which franchises have made overtures or which players are involved in the talks.

Some of the IPL teams may also make investments in the ambitious Saudi T20 league.

According to a report in “The Times,” “initial discussions have taken place after at least six English players, including some international stars, were approached by IPL franchise owners and asked whether, in principle, they would accept a deal that would make an Indian team their main employer, rather than the ECB or an English county.”

A major step toward the football model of elite players being primarily contracted to their team and released for international duty, rather than the other way around, this development follows discussions among players’ unions around the world about the potential implications of 12-month franchise contracts.

Contract offers might be made by the end of the year, a source told The Times.

No one doubts that Twenty-20 cricket will remain popular, and it’s clear that T10 is doing the same.

While the International Cricket Council (ICC) has considered limiting the number of leagues in which a contracted player may participate each year, many promising young cricketers may opt out of international competition or reject central contracts in favor of free agency. In this case, the only possible roadblock would be obtaining a “NOC” from the cricket governing body in each country involved.

Some IPL franchise owners have bought stakes in several T20 tournaments in the UAE, South Africa, Caribbean, and now the United States with the new Major League Cricket venture which begins in July, increasing the likelihood that such a model will be adopted, as reported by the newspaper.

According to the article, a similar conversation allegedly took place with prominent Australian T20 players.

Full-time contract talks have previously taken place with a number of prominent Australian players, and those talks have now been opened up to English players. More than five times the amount of the top contracts in England’s central government, these deals might be valued up to five million British pounds each year.

Partial contracts with the ECB or county and the IPL franchise, especially those who play white-ball cricket, were also discussed in the paper.

In addition, discounted IPL contracts for at least three seasons would be made available. The sheer amount of money on offer makes it a possibility that one or more of England’s Test players may leave their core contracts in favor of a franchise deal.

According to the article, “what is more likely is that players will arrange “bespoke” deals depending on their own circumstances, which could result in them being part-contracted to their county or the ECB and part-contracted to a franchise.”

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