World Youth Boxing Championships Everything you need to know

by Keven S. Reinhart
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The Ciudad Deportiva Camilo Cano arena in the Spanish city of La Nuca, which is located in the Alicante region, will play home to the IBA World Youth Boxing Championships in the year 2022. The dates are established for the 14th through the 26th of November.

“Many of the fans have seen our youth boxers compete in a variety of continental events, and now it’s time for them to shine on the international stage,” the announcer said. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the beginning of some of these boxers’ careers as they take their initial steps toward competing at the highest levels of the sport. According to the President of the International Basketball Association (IBA), Umar Kremlev, “This is a terrific opportunity to uncover new talents and exhibit excitement for our sport.”

How to watch World Youth Boxing Championships

With 24/7 television coverage, you won’t miss a moment of the action.

This IBA Youth World Boxing Championships will boost the growth of boxing in Spain, as the country is home to many gifted young boxers. In addition, he stated, “I would like to extend my gratitude to the Spanish Boxing Federation for all of the effort that they put into ensuring the success of this event.”

In 2022, the Spanish Boxing Federation will celebrate its centennial year; this tournament will be their first ever world-class competition. In the past, Spain had only hosted competitions at the continental level.
Felipe Martinez, the President of the Spanish Boxing Federation, is looking forward to the arrival of athletes from all over the world in his home nation of Spain.

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“We are pleased to take on the task of holding such a significant competition in Spain, where such events have never been hosted before.” My staff and I are prepared to give our absolute best to fulfill our goals as hosts, and we are aware that the next few months will be hectic and demanding. Martinez stated that it should become a wonderful closing touch for the 100 years that our Federation has existed.

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