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Sean McGoldrick vs Scott Allan takes place Friday, February 10, 2023, with 3 fights at Vale Sports Arena in Cardiff, Wales

Around this time last year, in anticipation of his impending WBC International Super Flyweight Silver bout against Marcel Braithwaite, the self-proclaimed title winner revealed that his career as a competitive boxer was coming to an end. “Twelve to a maximum of 18 months,” he promised before a hard-fought contest in Liverpool that he lost on points.

However, leaving has not been easy. The 30-year-old may be preoccupied with the three gyms he currently owns and operates across Lanarkshire, as well as a burgeoning young family. There is no doubt that he is becoming increasingly loathed as a result of the dedication and sacrifices required to maintain the greatest level of professional performance. But there’s something about boxing that keeps him coming back.

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Sean McGoldrick vs Scott Allan Preview:

When Allan announces seriously, “I won’t be boxing this time next year,” it’s difficult to resist the feeling of déjà vu. And may Mrs Kerrie have that in writing? A pause, then a laugh, perhaps as he realizes he’s made those bold declarations before but never followed through.

Much will be determined by the outcome of this evening. The St Andrew’s Sporting Club fighter is no stranger to exaggeration, but when he cites the opportunity to fight for a British title as the fulfilment of a lifetime goal, you can bet he’s serious. Allan is a tough, fierce combatant who previously defeated Kash Farooq (twice) and Lee McGregor in three convincing fights.

The former Scottish champion has returned to bantamweight to compete for two of the titles vacated by McGregor last year, the British and Commonwealth. Many would not choose Allan to beat Sean McGoldrick (12-1) at the Welshman’s home stadium in Cardiff, but Allan has never been one to question himself. He’s never been more certain that his big break is just around the corner.

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“Absolutely fantastic is perhaps the only way I can convey how I feel about this fight,” he exclaims with characteristic zeal. “No stone was left unturned; my sparring, pads, conditioning, and sprints. Every box has been checked, and I am overjoyed.

“I felt my bantamweight days were over, but then opportunity knocked. My dream has always been to become British champions, and it is now coming true. The Commonwealth belt is merely an added bonus for Brucie.

“McGoldrick has a respectable record, but who did he fight? He competed against Thomas Essomba but was defeated. He once reached the championship round and was defeated. So this is a really winnable situation for me. And I intend to grasp the opportunity with both hands.

“I just have a year left in this sport,” he says. I’m not going to fight this time next year. I’d like to leave on my own terms. Nobody is going to tell me when it’s finished.”

Allan barely has enough time in the day to get everything done. He and his brother Sam have now launched a third Rivals gym in Airdrie, where they also train in addition to providing martial arts classes. Allan, a devoted Motherwell fan, also had two young daughters, Sophia and Amelia, to care for. All of this on top of his own boxing training, which must also be crammed in.

“I’m in complete overdrive,” he says. “But, dude, I adore it. Because Airdrie now has a new gym, it was extremely crowded. I have a tremendous staff behind me, and they all perform a fantastic job, so we got along great since it was a huge assistance.

“I spend three days a week in East Kilbride and three days a week in Wishaw. I am still teaching. That is actually my favorite part. It’s wonderful to give back to the community in a variety of ways, not just by taking a martial arts class. You are teaching these young adults or youngsters life skills. A good gift is the art of giving.

“I also have a large family. I adore my daughters and my wife. But when it comes to boxing, I’m completely selfish. It’s a sport I’m hesitant to like. I adore it and despise it at the same time. It consumes so much time that it consumes your entire life. But I need to make time for my family.”

Could Allan retire pleased if he wins tonight? “Well, at the very least, I’d have to protect the belts…”

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