Misfits Boxing 005: Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao Live Stream info, Undercard Preview and more

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On March 4, YouTube stars Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao (Nicholai Perrett) will square off in the main event of the latest instalment of the MF & DAZN X Series, and the event’s complete undercard has now been confirmed.

Before Swingler and Perrett fight it out in the ring at the newest instalment of the series, eight other bouts will take place.

Actor Kenny Ojuederie, known for his pranks, and model Astrid Wett, who gained notoriety for her attempt to embrace Misfits co-founder KSI at a weigh-in, are both scheduled to appear.

The previous show was monumental because it featured the continuation of the reigns of Misfits Boxing kingpins KSI, Slim, and Salt Papi, as well as the debut victory of Misfits Boxing’s newest star, Elle Brooke.

Since seven fights involving celebrities from reality TV, YouTube, and other online platforms have already been verified, we can expect some exciting bouts.

The participants in these bouts solidify their place in the Misfits Boxing universe, and it’s fantastic to see the narratives and other entertaining factors building up to the main event.

This is the full list of fighters competing at MF & DAZN: X Series 5.

Date and time of Misfits Boxing 005: Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao

  • Date: 4 March, Saturday.
  • Main Card: 2 p.m. (ET) | 7 p.m. (GMT)
  • Main event Ring walks (approx): 5:42 p.m. (ET) | 10:42 ap.m. (GMT)

The first bell will sound at 7 p.m. GMT, or 2 p.m. ET, and the main event ring walks are planned for 10:42 p.m. GMT, or 5:42 p.m. ET. Undercard bouts’ lengths may force adjustments to these schedules.

How to watch Misfits Boxing 005: Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao Live

Where is Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao Fight held?

Considering that Misfits Boxing 005 will be held in Jay Swingler’s hometown, he has a distinct edge. Telford International Center, where the battle will take place. The West Midlands is where you’ll find it.

Full Undercard Preview of Misfits Boxing 005: Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao

Ashley Tebi vs. Kenny Ojuederie Rak-Su (Cruiserweight)

Since his defeat to FaZe Temperrr on the undercard of Deji’s match against Alex Wassabi in March 2022, “King Kenny” has triumphed twice. The Londoner will now go up against an artist who calls himself a “good vibes spreader” and “terrible boxer” and has a 1-1 record.

Pully Arif vs. Deen the Great (MF lightweight title)

The Great, real name Nurideen Shabazz, won his second professional fight by knockout over Walid Sharks at Misfits and DAZN’s third show. After beating Tommy Mulligan and Kane Ramsay in the latter half of 2022, Arif is on track to set a new mark for the year.

B Matchup: Dave and Luis Pineda versus Ice Poseidon and Anthony Vargas (light-heavyweight tag team boxing match)

Pineda came back from being knocked out by KSI to overcome Dave in a chaotic match before KSI went on to defeat Faze Temperr. Los Angeles’s BDave suffered his first career loss in that battle against Pineda, which ended in a unanimous decision for the latter.

The duo will now face IcePoseidon and Vargas, two internet celebrities and amateur boxers, in a tag-team bout.

In the battle of Walid Sharks vs. N&A Productions (Lightweight),

Originating in Baghdad and currently residing in Detroit, Walid Muhsein has more than 433,000 Instagram followers and will face his next opponent, Adam Saleh, on the same 2021 fight program on which they drew. An Iranian named Amir Fotoohi, who was stationed in Dubai, was defeated by a man named Slim Albaher. Later that year, N&A Productions, commonly known as Fotoohi, defeated Adnan Bin Sultan.

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Compare and contrast Astrid Wett and AJ Bunker. (Vacant flyweight title)

In her lone professional bout, which took place in October 2022 on the undercard of Jay Swingler vs. Cherdleys, Wett knocked out artist Keeley in the first round.
Bunker was defeated by Elle Brooke in a deciding match and triumphed over Tasha Kiran in a similar fashion in 2022.

When Ginty takes on Halal Ham (cruiserweight),

After a debut win over Kayrhys and a brutal knockout loss to JMX on the Swingler vs. Cherdleys card, comedy video creator Ginty is aiming to get back on top. Scunthorpe’s social media superstar Hamad Khan, who will face Ginty in his next bout, improved to 2-1 with a win over DTG on the same night.

Mansa Godson vs. Tempo Arts (Heavyweight)

British-Nigerian designer with global fame British-Godson Umeh, a Nigerian jeweller, makes his professional debut in 2022 against Tempo Arts, a fitness, boxing, gym, and weight reduction enthusiast who has won his lone professional fight.

Misfits Boxing 005: Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao Full Fight Card

  • Super middleweights Jay Swingler vs Nichlmao
  • For Deen The Great’s lightweight MF title; Pully Arif takes on Deen The Great.
  • The Cruiserweight Title Fight: King Kenny vs Ash Rak-Su
  • Light heavyweight tag team boxing match: Dave and Luis Pineda vs. Ice Poseidon and Anthony Vargas
  • Female flyweight champion Astrid Wett challenges A.J. Bunker in a unification bout.
  • Heavyweight Ginty takes on cruiserweight Halal Ham.
  • Lightweight matchup: Walid Sharks vs. Ayye Pap
  • Heavyweight; Tempo Arts vs. Godson

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