How to watch: Germany vs Poland Eurobasket 2022 Live Stream, Preview, Prediction & Odds

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It’s Germany vs Poland Eurobasket 2022, and both teams are looking to make a statement match between the two countries. On paper, Poland has a very modest advantage against Germany; nonetheless, Germany is notoriously difficult to defeat at their own stadium. Ultimately, the winner will be determined by whose team can perform better on the given day. Poland and Germany will need to watch out for the other team’s key players, but Germany’s primary focus should be on keeping Poland’s big men under control. The game is shaping up to be a tense and thrilling contest.

Germany vs Poland Eurobasket 2022 Preview

The German national team was unable to replicate the success they had in 1993 when they made it all the way to the home finals of the EuroBasket. Now the only game left for the Germans to play is the encounter versus Poland for third place. Will the home team be able to earn the bronze medal at the end of the tournament?

It was a defeat for Germany.

The Germans were having a great deal of success in their semifinal match against Spain. Since the middle of the first quarter, the side captained by Gordon Herbert has been in the lead, and there were even moments during the game where it appeared like they were gaining some momentum. But first, at the end of the third quarter, Germany allowed Spain to move from being down ten points to being down six.

The advantage was then lost by Germany at the beginning of the fourth quarter, which allowed Spain to take the lead by six points very fast. Germany was unable to overcome the disadvantage, and the final score was 91-96. The hosts effectively forfeited a game they had already won by playing poorly against themselves and losing.

Denis Schroder, the point guard, had an outstanding tournament and deserved special recognition for his performance in the semifinals, in which he scored 30 points. In addition, Andreas Obst made five of his eight attempts from beyond the arc. Both Daniel Theis and Franz Wagner scored more than ten points, but when contrasted to their performance in the quarterfinals against Greece, it wasn’t very comfortable to see.

Poland has already accomplished a great deal of success.

After Poland stunned the defending European champion Slovenia in the quarterfinals, it appeared as though Poland did not have the energy or excitement for their semifinal match against France. The Blues completely annihilated the Poles with a score of 95–54. There was never any doubt about who would emerge victorious from the very first to the very last second of play.

Despite suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of France, the squad led by Igor Milicic was able to pull off a victory in this EuroBasket competition. On the last day of the competition, almost no one anticipated Poland to be in a position to compete for medals.

How to watch: Germany vs Poland Eurobasket 2022

  • Date: September 18th, 2022
  • Start Time: 11:15 AM (ET)
  • Venue: Mercedes Benz Arena, Berlin
  • Live stream: FuboTV, ESPN+

Direct competition between two parties

During the final round of qualification for the World Cup, the bitter rivals played each other twice, with Germany emerging victorious both times.

The Germans have beaten the Poles five times out of the previous six times they have competed against them.

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Expert Betting Tips:

The German national team suffered a major setback in the semifinals of the competition. It is not even the fact that they were defeated that should offend the Germans; rather, it is the manner in which it occurred — the inexperienced Germans effectively delivered the victory to the old fox Sergio Scariolo all by himself. When they play the Poles in the match for third place, the players on Gordon Herbert’s team will undoubtedly vent their anger on them. In the semifinals, France displayed their level of play, and Germany, who also showed their level of play, should have little trouble outplaying their opponent who is overachieving.

Prediction: Germany will win the game.

Betting Odds:

H1 (-8.5) for 1.50;

ITO1 (90,5) for the price of 1.80;

The price of W1+TO (168.5) is 1.98.

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