FIBA Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Women’s: How to watch, preview, lineups Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022

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A Group Stage matchup between Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina is scheduled for during this match. The FIBA Women’s World Cup is moving at an uncatchable pace, and the schedule of games is packed with the competition; teams are even playing back-to-back games in a relatively short amount of time. As a result, the Group Stage phase, although packed with a ton of games, has already reached the halfway mark, and it won’t be long until we know which teams will face each other in the Quarter-Finals. 

Kyra Linskens’ performance of 24 points and 13 rebounds led to a 68:65 victory for Belgium over Puerto Rico, even though the game was close throughout. They have already triumphed in two of their games out of their total of three. In the meantime, Bosnia and Herzegovina continued to suffer, as evidenced by their loss against Korea by a score of 66:99, despite Jonquel Jones scoring 21 points. The Bosnian national team has not yet won a match.

Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Women’s preview

Live coverage of the match between Belgium Women and Bosnia & Herzegovina Women will begin on September 26 at 11:30 am (AEST) local time. During the FIBA Women’s World Cup 2022, they are scheduled to compete against one another. The game will be fascinating to watch from start to finish. Follow the BullsScore live score to the end to find out who the victor is between Belgium Women vs Bosnia & Herzegovina Women. Currently, we are competing in the FIBA Women’s World Cup match.

The FIBA Women’s World Cup 2022 will start on September 22 and go through October 1. This FIBA Women’s World Cup will consist of a total of three matches that are scheduled to be played. The FIBA Women’s World Cup 2022 will feature a total of twelve different teams competing for the title.

All about Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Match

  • Date: 25 September
  • Time: 09:30 PM (ET), 11:30 am (AEST) 26 Sep
  • Venue: Sydney Superdome, Sydney, Australia
  • Live Broadcast: FuboTVParamount+ (for the UK and outside of USA people)

Predictions, Stats, and Analysis for Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Game in the FIBA Women’s World Cup

The campaign in Belgium has been somewhat peculiar. They gave the heavyweight United States of America a tough fight, then they won large against Korea, but in a strange game against Puerto Rico, they came dangerously close to losing. Despite everything, they haven’t solely relied on their ace card the whole time. Emma Messeman and Julie Allemand, their primary playmaker, and other players like Linskens, Abdelbaker, and Vanloo, have all had their moments in the spotlight. The breadth of Belgium’s roster has been the team’s saving grace up to this point, and they continue to be a favorite to go to the quarter-finals.

Since Bosnia has been defeated in these three games by scores of 24, 47, and 33, it is clear that they never stood a chance of winning any of them. At this point in the competition, their campaign will likely be cut short at the Group Stage. No player, except for Jonquel Jones, has been reliable, and the most of them have shot about just 20% of the time, which is required to get the job done. The defense has been terrible, and they may lose every game by significant scores. In every aspect possible, this election campaign has been a disappointment for them.

Belgium vs Bosnia and Herzegovina Predictable Lineups

Belgium Women Roster: 

C: Kyara Linskens

PF: Emma Messeman

SF: Antonio Deleare

SF: Maxuella Lisowa Mbaka

PG: Julie Allemand

BENCH: Elise Ramette, Laure Resimont, Hind Ben Abdelkader, Becky Massey, Bilie Massey, Julie Vanloo, Ine Joris.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Women Roster: 

C: Jonquel Jones

PF: Nikolina Elez

SG: Matea Tavic

G: Nikolina Knezevic

PG: Milica Deura

BENCH: Miljana Dzombeta, Dragana Domuzin, Ajla Ikanovic, Nikolina Delic, Ajla Selimovic, Jovana Markovic, Andjela Delic.

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